Dark Ages – Javelin armed Light Horse

I’m continuing showing the progress on my Dark Ages project. So this week I thought I would include some shots of the light horse that I have completed. At the moment I seem to be making slow progress on painting anything, but I will continuing to show what I have painted.

Here I have 5 bases of light horse/skirmishers. These are armed with Javelins and will be of use with for various ‘continental’ forces in the Early Medieval Period. I can see these being used for forces from the rise of the Frankish forces through to the end of the First Crusades. Troops like these are not really suitable for typical Saxon/Viking forces but they would be in the Frankish forces (and all the offshoots of those such as Breton, Norman etc.) which covered a lot of ground.

I have made sure their shield styles do not mix, so there are 2 ‘early’ bases with round shields and then 3 with more Norman ‘later’ style longer shields. I know this is not precise grading of period etc but it does work on the wargames table.

Light cavalry was not a very common thing for these forces at all. That being said, according to the army lists in various games there were a unit or two of them around. I suspect the historical records for them is quite hard to find but it makes sense for mounted forces to have a few troops of this type to help create screens and also do scouting etc. I suspect that this later work was their main task and their battlefield use would be quite limited, but I am no expert.

The basing is the same as all my forces for the period, allowing me to mix and match as needed. Thinking though that may some point may come to be a pain when I field all the troops for a big battle. I think we will be able to handle that though so it should be ok. So there we are, more troops for the table and this lot are different again from what I have been painting up until now.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Dark Ages – Javelin armed Light Horse

  1. Very nice, Mark! 🙂 Quite a bit of variation there as well!

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