Black Plague -Yet more Heroes

So while here I might as well stick to the theme and show the remaining Black Plague heroes that I have done. This wraps up all the Kickstarter heroes (and adds another necromancer) to the figures I have painted for the game. These have been fun to do but I’m now looking at going back to some 15mm’s for a change of pace. I seem to have been concentrating on these and some other 28mm figs I will soon show here a lot recently.

So the first lot are a mixed bag of figures. The right most model is actually an additional necromancer, called Grin, who is an especially fast necromancer. Of course this is just what we need in our games where we die a lot anyway but heck why not… the challenge of course with that is remembering he rally is a bad guy.
The other two models are fun and very characterful though. I especially like the running Knight – the action figure pose is unusual for board game models so worth commenting on. The other guy is another Scottish hero – this time with a true but simple tartan painted on his kilt.The next three models though need no introduction really. The ‘Batman’ homage is nice and I have used him in games already. Although not having the strongest powers he is useful and allows you to do The ‘I am Batman’ phrases during the game. Then of course there are the ‘not’ Conan and Red Sonya figs. A little role playing starts to come in at times when we use these figs. Normally that does not end well for us as playing in character vs. Playing the odds can make for a fun game but not a successful one.Like all these models I tried to get them to look reasonably like the cards for them in the game, which I think achieved. I’m not at the expert level of painter but I’m happy with how these iconic figs came out. So many be it’s time to dig out the Conan board game for my big next painting project…The last three figs include one of my favourites – the right hand doctor model is such a cool fig. He is actually a hero, even though he looks like he could be a necromancer. His skills are not that great, but the fig is so cool he again has seen use on the table. You can also see that I tried a different technique for the eye’s of the other two. It worked for the middle figure better than the left hand one. Still it’s worth trying these things so see if they work.The red clock has more shading in it than I think the photo here shows. I take these photo’s with my cell phone I guess there is only so much that I can do. The middle knight was done to not look clean but I may have done that a little too much, but again it works fairly well so I will leave it as is now.I’m still not sure if I will do anything with the bases other than leave them grey. I tried one technique for making paving and did not like the result so that’s one thing which I need to spend more time trying out again. I should do some googling to see other people’s techniques for that really rather than just trying to do it on my own.

So there we are all the kick starter hero’s are now done for the game. Time to focus on something else for a little while as well.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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