Blood Red Skies – Spitfires

Just before Christmas I gave into the latest WW2 air game from Warlord and bought into ‘Blood Red Skies’. After a couple of test games I have to say I like it. Now I have to say it’s not as complex or detailed in modeling the real world flying as Check Your 6! However, it does allow a single player to fly many more models. It also provides an interesting game mechanic with the advantaged/disadvantaged and morale tracking which is not common in many air games. So, with that favorable take it was time to slap some paint on the models, and show them here. Thus, you can see the 12 Spitfires that I have done here. Six of these are from the base set and the rest are from an additional expansion pack of six.

At this point I’m really focusing on the the Battle for France and Battle of Britain periods. I likely will extend that to the Battle for Malta. I’m not looking at doing the full war. This still gives me enough toys to pay with, including some aircraft that are not available for the game yet. It also limits the planes which I have to buy! I seem to be the only person in the group into this game so that helps as well, as I will be providing both sides for games that we play.

This is one of my favourite periods/area’s of WW2 and also one of the most evenly balanced, so that makes for fun games as well. Spitfires are in the base game and they are one of the key early war planes for the British. Spitfires and Hurricanes are the main fighter aircraft for the RAF. This is especially true as this game is focused more on the fighter aircraft rather than bombers. Added to that, in 1:200 scale the bombers (especially the late war 4 engine ones) are going to be be huge! There are scenario’s for having a few bombers but this game is pretty much a fighter vs fighter game.

Above you can see the the underside of some the planes up close. I tried to follow the basic pattern for the standard British camouflage for the early war and actually have 4 planes with each of the ‘typical’ underside colors used at this time. You can see them all below. I am actually happy how I managed to get the airframe lines to come out well on the aircraft. That’s especially true as I just just use a traditional brush to paint these vs. using an airbrush.

Most of the games I play will be based over the channel (or around Malta), so I can use the FLG mat 6′ x 4′ sea mat that I have. This does follow history to an extent, as many battles were fought over the sea. That said in the battle of Britain the RAF were often chasing the Germans home after the attack vs. intercepting them before they got to England. Battles around Malta of course would be over the sea.

I must admit the Decals really finish these models off. They are from Miscellaneous Miniatures ( and I recommend them for Decals for the Blood Red Skies models. They came quickly and are very nice and the 1:200 ones are perfect for the Blood red Skies models. I used them to work out unique registrations for all 12 planes. Really that’s the only difference so that’s why I just show the sample close ups of each plane. A fun set of planes for this and maybe other games.


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  1. Shiver66 says:

    Hello can you tell me what paint and color do you use for your spitfires?

    Thanks a lot.

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