B-Sieged – Alternative poses for the Abyssal hordes

So, time to close out this project, at least for a while. The last pieces of this are the standard kickstarter alternative/bonus poses. These came ‘free’ with the project. I will show them all here in a single post. They do not really change the game but it’s nice to have extra’s and different models to use in the game. These are all different poses of the same models which I have already shown.

Below is the alternative for the elite Gargoh of the troops. There were just 2 of these and they are a little weird to start with IMO but a different pose never really hurts.

Next, are the alternate Mölen models. These are the rock throwers of the attackers and agains there were just a couple of these models in the set.

The last of the extra elite models are 2 extra Elite Krohn’s. I actually like this pose much more than the standard one. These all fit in very nicely with the existing models and it was nice for CMON to do this. I was surprised with all the extra effort for doing these alternative sculpts that they did not include/modify the base game to include more of them in the standard box game. It’s all about economics though as we all know.

Onto a set of 6 extra alternative sculpt’s for the standard Krohn models. You can see all the models below with them at different angles. This saves me doing multiple pictures of the models. At least there are a few more of these to make the game look different on the table.

Here you can see a close up view of one of those Krohn model.

Lastly, in this set of extra’s alternative pose Gargoh models provided in the kickstarter set. To be honest there is not a huge amount of difference between this and the normal one I started with, but it works and I will not say no to free models.

There we are, this is all the extra kickstarter enemy models which came with the set. Note as mentioned before I can see these being used in all sorts of games like Frostgrave or fantasy pulp games (maybe even Warcry) as nasty rock monsters. At some point I’ll get round to some of the other models in this game. There are loads of extra Heroes which I think I should concentrate on next. This is a nice stopping point for the base game though for now – not that I’m playing many board games at present though.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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