Gauls – Light Horse

OK so back to my current painting project – Gauls. I have to say though that I am trying to do these with a view to being able to morph them to other forces, including the Ancient Britains. There are a group of barbarian armies these are from culturally similar backgrounds (basical proto-celts etc) who are close enough from my viewpoint at least to allow that morph. I am going to expand my scope to include Germans and maybe even Dacians – but those will require different weapons and shields, so will be different figs. However, I will likely do them with a similar basing technique. That will allow for extra large games and some reuse of some bases when I want as well.

So as part of that is to have a decent light horse set for such forces. So this week I am showing the 8 bases of Light Horse/skirmishers that I have finished.

As normal I’ll show the figs in a little more detail below. These are armed with spears/javelins. Those seem to be the main weapon on the Gaul/proto-Celtic light cavalry. ADLG I believe has most of them so armed and so these work for that.

You can see I have a mixture of guys with tunics or bear chested. This will allow for visible differentiation between the troops if needed on the table with ease. So bear-chested ones may have one ability that the others do not have etc. Three bases are all bear-chested, three have tunics and 2 bases have 1 of each figure on it.

They also have a variety of shields – both in colour and shape, although most of them have round ones. I suspect there is not that much information on the actual equipment used by such troops so figure manufactures just kind of go with it a bit.

Speaking of that, all these are from Old Glory 15mm in the US. I have had these in the lead pile for quite a while so it’s good to get them painted and ready for the table.

The basing for these is again designed to be more scrubland and rough. I think this works nicely with this army.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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8 Responses to Gauls – Light Horse

  1. Really like them. Great variety in shield colours and designs. Makes the unit in my opinion. 👍

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks – I am going for that varied bright coluorful view for the gaul’s shields all through this army. Does seem to mean they take longer to be painted though…

  2. Nicely done, Mark! 🙂 Always a good idea having generic troop types that can have multiple uses!

  3. Markus Sharaput says:

    Nice work on these, Mark. Old Glory? Essex?

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