WILDLANDS – Adventurers and Unquiet Dead

After the series of 15mm posts I though it time to close out the Wildlands posts – especially as some kind of similar game is due out soon. That is a Judge Dredd version which is about to be released, in Oct I think. It’s called Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter (see here for more info- https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/announcement_judge_dredd_helter_skelter/). I’m still not sure if I’ll get that, but I would recommend this version to anyone who likes simple but tactical fantasy games. So in summary get Wildlands.

In this post I’ll go through the 2 expansions that come with figures. There is a 3rd expansion which adds 2 extra map boards for more variety of play. That is cool and if you play a lot is worth it – if not then it’s a collectors special aka for someone who wants it all. It’s not bad but definitely a 3rd choice in my opinion. Both the other expansions actually add something to the game, as well as providing different player options. I’ll explain that as well, in summary at least.

So first we have the Adventurers pack, and you can se the painted figures below. There are only 4 models in the pack but they are nice models.

This group can be used as an alternative to the starting forces that come with the game. I’ll be honest and say we have not used them in this manner. The other way you can use them is as a set of NPC’s. They start in the spaces which are not occupied by either a players crystal or start. There are two in each of the empty spaces in a 4 player game.

When played in an NPC manner they move after each players move – you draw a card to see which figure moves. They do ‘preprogrammed’ moves, which are different for each character. They can steal crystals though and target player characters with attacks. If there is a choice of target to attack/space to move into then the player whose turn it is decides. This makes them spoilers and annoyances in the game. This adds to the madness for 4 player games but can be more influential in 2 or 3 player games.

Next we have the Unquite dead pack. I must admit of the two packs this would be my first recommendation for buying if you play regularly with 3 or 4 players. There are 6 extra models in this pack. These figures again can be used as a players group of models but once again we have again not tried that. We like the starting models and so just use those.

They other way to use these is that when a figure is killed on the board you replace it with one of these models. Then, at any time a player can use a card of any of their dead models to activate any undead figure on the table in their turn rather than activate one of their normal models.

This means that even a player down to 2 models of their faction can significantly effect the game. They can play spoiler for the others and still have a chance to win the game by clever use of their figures and the undead. Note, actions with the undead in this case don’t get you cyrstals and any deaths caused by the undead are not added to your count. That said, they give a player who is not doing well a lot more options in the game. So no one feels truly left out even if they are not doing well.

I really like how this expansion balances things out and means no one ever has to just ‘carry on’ because they are ‘out of it’ while the other players try to win. We have had had games where players with most of their figures dead still win – and the undead figures helped them do it. Clever use of them can also be spoilers if nothing else

I have to say the models again are rally nice and paint up well. They are very characterful and I started trying to do the weird lighting effects on the cards but in the end gave up and just used ‘bloody’ effects on the models instead.

So this set is really one I would recommend for the game. We have had a lot of laughs with this. We find revenge aspect of players who might not have been doing well generates some fun and interesting extra challenges in games with these. You are never short of options even if you have lost a few models from your faction.

So there we are. A quick description and showing of the Wildland models. Overall, as I said at the start of these posts I think this is a great game and one which is simple yet tactical and provides a good amount of replay value, especially with 4 players.

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