Dark Ages – my collection made in 2021…

Well in 2021 anyone following my blog will know all too well that I painted a lot of Dark Age 15mm figs. So I thought a good way to close out last year and start a new one would be to get all the toys out for an audit and photo shoot. So below is the full picture of the results. Yes just a few models…

One may say that I have gone overboard with the project but heck what is life about if you can’t go overboard on our hobbies and other things we enjoy. To be fair I hosted a 400 pts ADLG game with some these models and loads left over just before Xmas.

Note, I likely have not finished painting for this period. However, I likely have enough of the standard troops. So anything I add will likely be more things like objectives/camps oh and maybe some priests or other character models. I also need some sling armed troops, as I have found that those are something I do not have many off. 🙂

I likely will also focus now on more formed forces such as the later Romans/Carolinians who can be opponents to these guys. I guess a few arab types might be good as well as the Franks/Saxons/Vikings definitely encroached and encountered those peoples as well. However, I have started on Gauls as a side project for now.

I have already used these for various games (big ancient games especially as mentioned) and want to use them for more. I really plan/want to use them for things such as Dix Brit and the Peter Pig Vikings game as well. I just have not got around to doing that yet and it required me reading more rules as well.

Ok so as a summary/audit of what is here I thought I would do a full count of all the bases/models that have. Note, all the bases are DBX style and sizes but I have used ADLG terms.

So first the skirmish troops:

2 x light foot crossbows (2 figs on a 40x20mm base)

24 x light foot bows (2 figs on a 40x20mm base)

12 x light foot javelins (2 figs on a 40x20mm base)

Next are the missile troops:

32 x bowmen (3 figures on a 40x20mm base)

10 x bowmen (4 figs on a 40x20mm base)

4 x crossbow (4 figs per 40x20mm base)

Then we have the levy/table troops:

4 x levy (dogs and controllers on a 40×30 base)

20 x levy (5 figs per 40x30mm base)

We the move to the spearmen:

15 x medium spear (3 figs per 40x20mm base)

14 x medium spear (4 figs per 40x20mm base)

68 x heavy spear (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

21 x heavy armoured spear (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

The swordsmen/blades are the biggest single group of the set though with

38 x medium swordsman (3 figs per 40x20mm base)

43 x medium swordsman (4 figs per 40x20mm base)

83 x heavy swordsman (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

28 x heavy swordsman- dane axes (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

Next the mounted troops:

5 x light horse (2 mounted figs per 40x30mm bases)

29 x knights (3 mounted figs per 40x30mm bases)

17 x non knightly cavalry (3 mounted figs per 40x30mm bases)

Finally, all the miscellaneous types of bases.

29 x command bases, including a single 28mm commander if I ever need it (each on a 40mm circular base)

31 x ambush/pillage/camp etc markers (all on 40mm square)

24 x dead figs (30mm round)

8 x crosses (20mm round)

26 x character models (various sized bases below 40mm round)

So here is a final shot of all the models – this is well over 2200 figures and just for one project. So onto bigger and better things for 2022. Oh and Happy New Year to you all.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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8 Responses to Dark Ages – my collection made in 2021…

  1. That is A LOT of troops! 🙂 It’ll be interesting following you progress in 2022!

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Goodness me that is a mighty force. Great work to have done so much on this project, though of course we all know that hobby projects are never truly finished.

  3. anthony says:

    One massive army there, or two very good sized armies to battle across the tabletop.

    Well done on a great yearly effort. Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.

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