Gauls – Command

So my last post for the base Gaul/Celtic force for a little while I think as I have shown most of the figs done so far. But, any army needs commanders and I have done 4 bases of them for this force. I believe these are all from an Old Glory command pack. These will be enough command bases for a 300 point ADLG army or a decent Hail Caesar game. Sorry the pic’s are not that great this time but hopefully you can see these well enough.

The interesting thing is other than the carnyx (the large trumpets) which I added to the command bases, is that this pack had various flag pole/standards as well. I haven not seen anything about the celts having flags but at the same time I would assume they would have. A pole with an animal on it is quite Roman but I wanted these to stand out a b it as well. After all the Romano-British are shown with flags so why not their predecessors. So, I added some flags to the standards poles. I did not do huge ones as those metal pole sion the models would likely not be that strong but these seem to work to me.

You can also see I did not shy alway from bright colours for these guys. If anyone was going to be able to have expensive fabrics and nice things it would be the commanders, So why not add them to these bases. After all as a warrior close to the commander you likely would have put your best cloths on for the battle field – why not.

So this is is for my ancient Gauls – BUT don’t worry, I have more uses/plans for these. The Ancient British are coming soon to a blog near you, but I need a change from 15mm armies for a while I feel as well. But the Ancient British will use some of these troops but add the missing force element to these as well – Chariots !

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to Gauls – Command

  1. Nicely done, Mark! 🙂 The flags do make them distinctive for command groups so worth having added them alongside the brighter clothing I think!

  2. Markus Sharaput says:

    Hotsauce, and I totally agree with the bright colours. If you’re going to fight, clash!

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