Ancient German/Celtic Cavalry

The Germans (and Celts etc.) could have a decent amount of horse mounted troops in their armies.With my Celtic army I had painted up a good collection of figures for that. But the lead pile had a load more – so here are another bunch ready for the table. That means the Germans get their own mounted force as well. Without too much of a stretch I can use these for mounted Dacians etc. as well if needed. Basically, they could be any Western European tribesmen on or around the Italian/Rhine/Danube frontier in the time of the Greeks through to the middle if not the end of the Western Roman Empire.

Yes, in fact in this post I’m showing 14 more bases of such cavalry. In reality that’s a good half of an ADLG army This is far too may for a single Ancient German force but I had these so I have painted them, As you can see I went with consistent shield colours on most of these, allowing the shield to help identify them for different forces or different qualities of troops. They all have the same type of basing as the Celts so can be interchanged if required.

As normal I try to do a few more specific pictures of the front/backs of the figures. To show them in a little more detail.

First we have four bases of yellow/red shield combination troops. You can also see the base on one end of the line in the picture has a horn blower and purple cloak. I can use that as an included general if I want. As you can see these generally have armour so would easily work for heavy cavalry in the ancient times.

The next five bases below have red/blue shields. They would be much better suited as medium cavalry. They do not have much armour and many are typically German in the typical sculpting fashion i.e. do not have tunics/shirts on at all. Although, I would not worry about using these as heavy cavalry bases at a push.

Lastly for this post are 5 more bases which are back to the random shield patterns. So they have no consistency of colour use on their shields on each base. That said I did use a lot of blues on them but different ones. The central base has a figure which looks like a commander and so could easily be used as an included general base as well.

For the record, these figures are as usual for me from a combination of manufactures. I believe most are oldglory15mm in the states but I think they might include some forged in battle figs in this mix.


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  1. Quite an impressive horde of cavalry there. Mark! 🙂

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