The New Inquisition write up for IHMN

Well now I have some figures painted up for the In Her Majesty’s Name game (see here for more details on this rules set if you have not seen/played it author blog), I thought it was finally time to finish my write up for a specific force. You can see the whole painted force below. These figures are from Old Glory and West Wind. The blod entries for finish the painting are here and here.Victorian MonksThere was no created force in the IHMN rules which I though really suited these figs though. There are loads of great forces in the books but none really matched my vision of them anyway. However, the rules are great in that they allow me to create my own force.

So here is the write up for the New Inquistion. I include the background and my force writeup. We’ll see how the work out and I may tweak them after a while, but I know I’ll have fun trying them out anyway which is the point after all isn’t it!

Link for the write up of the force: New Inquisition 



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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to The New Inquisition write up for IHMN

  1. Craig says:

    An interesting force young Mellis.
    Say, have you read Heroes, Villains and Fiends? In this supplemental tome there is described The Cognoscenti, a Vatican company that includes both Jesuits and Inquisitors.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks, I’ll take the young compliment, as well. 🙂 I have the book and have seen the Cognoscenti force but I think you’ll agree it was not suitable for these models. I looked at the Templar’s as well but they did not work for the figs either. I really wanted a ‘mad monk’ throwback medieval feel to the force. This has those as the core troops, with some more ‘intelligent’ but not necessarily physically strong leaders and some powerful mystical backup. My next force may be based from that book – the Vald Tepes, using more of the West Wind figs.

  2. Craig says:

    Wait until you see the Dread Monks in IHMN Gothic, a completely free supplement that is being issued in weekly instalments 🙂

    • mellis1644 says:

      I have been watching those with interest. Dread Monks sounds perfect for these models. I’ll look forward to the next installment. I have to say I really like the IHMN system and background. I recommend it to all for great gaming fun. 🙂

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